We have prepared a completely new language course concept focusing on soft skills for you. We present a course for effective presentation in English as the first in the series. You can soon look forward to additional courses focusing on persuasive reasoning, effective business communication or successful negotiation, for example.

How to Present Effectively

Do you want to gain confidence when making a presentation in English? Do you want your presentations to be perfect? Then this course is the right one for you!

What will you learn in this course?
  • How to handle your presentation when it comes to communication, structure and visuals
  • How to express your views and present facts
  • How to handle presentation jitters
  • Consultations about your presentation style


  • A certificate of completion
  • A list of the most frequently used presentation phrases
  • A structure for a model presentation
What does the course look like?
  • Total course: 4x 60 minutes
  • 3x 60 minutes: workshop including both theory and practice
  • 60 minutes: model presentation and consultation

One-day business English

Do you need to prepare for a presentation in English quickly? Do you work for an international company and want to learn how to communicate with your business partners correctly?

Choose our one-day business English course.

What are the course topics?

You can choose from:

  • Management,
  • Job Interview,
  • Business Meetings,
  • Sales and Purchasing.
What will you gain with this course?
  • Tips and tricks for business communication
  • Intensive repetition and adoption of important words and phrases
  • An ideal start to a new job
What does the course look like?
  • During the course you will devote all your time to just one previously chosen topic
  • The course takes place in four blocks (4 x 90 minutes) over the course of one day
What do you need for the course?
  • English language skill level at least B1
  • In a group of at least four students

You can choose from our wide range of courses!

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