Local suppliers

One indisputable benefit that our offices abroad give us is the option of using local suppliers in the given country, i.e. native speakers. We currently cooperate with more than 3,000 external suppliers from all over the world. They include experts and professionals actively involved in various different fields.

Selecting a supplier

We take extreme care in selecting our suppliers. The regular feedback that we provide them in the form of linguistic and terminological corrections ensures that we continually improve the standard of our translations.

Information for suppliers

For translators, proofreaders and interpreters

Are you looking for a regular flow of work, and would you like to cooperate with the leading translation agency in Central and Eastern Europe? We continuously seek translators, proofreaders and interpreters for various language combinations.

For teachers

Try it with us! We are seeking ideal candidates to work as English, German, French or Spanish teachers. You may contact the language school at any of our branches.