Legal translations

Skrivanek belongs among trusted translation providers for law and business. We will create stylistically and terminologically correct translations of legal texts into English, German and more than 80 other languages.

Legal translations

Terminologically accurate translation of legal and business texts can be the key to a successful negotiated leave, quality employment relations and notarial proceedings.

The legal field is divided into several other sub-fields. Whether you specialise in commercial, family, employment, civil, criminal, public administration or international and European law, as a reliable supplier of language services Skrivanek will select the right specialist for your specific field.

From the field of legal and business texts, we often translate

  • laws, directives, regulations, notices, decisions
  • wills, notarial deeds, legal correspondence
  • corporate documents, wholesale terms and conditions, compliance policies
  • patents, applications, agreements, copyright laws, certificates
  • labour codes, personnel documentation
  • contracts (employment, commercial, purchase, lease, rental, leasing)
  • ISO documentation, certificates, declarations of conformity
  • court and police files, rulings, decisions, legal actions, appeals
  • criminal record statements, entries in the Commercial Register
  • customs declarations
  • powers of attorney, apostilles

Every word matters

For a linguistically, stylistically and terminologically perfect translation of a legal or business document, we solely select specialised translators who have an excellent knowledge of the legal field, legal phrasing and terms.

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We adhere to a number of standards, certifications and company policies that lead to continuous improvement of our translation processes.

Thanks to high-quality translators, superior availability, fast delivery times and comprehensive language services, companies choose us with confidence as their partner for more than just specialised translations.

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