Software localisation

Software localisation has never been so convenient. We translate your software text based on the conventions of your target country. We ensure that our translation is in line with user settings and the correct time and date format. True localisation!

Software localisation

Our accurate target-language translation includes testing and ‘acculturation’. This is where we adapt your software to the local language in a natural way, including the target country’s legal standards and cultural conventions.

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  • Software localisation: the same user experience in the target language as for the original language.
  • Localisation of online help: In HLPCMH, from HTML or RTF files.
  • Localisation of devices and equipment: accompanying manuals, instructions, alerts.
  • Localisation of websites, applications and multimedia – including dynamic objects, audio and video recordings.
  • Localisation of images.
  • Localisation of documentation.


  •  Analysis of source software.
  • Extraction of files and their preparation for translation.
  • Customising dialogue windows.
  • Testing the texts displays correctly.
  • Functionality test.
  • Software development in the target foreign language.

Other services

  • Website and e-shop localisation.
  • Localisation of instructions and texts shown on the displays of electronic devices, including translations of documentation.
  • Dubbing, voice-overs, subtitling, audio transcriptions, creating DVDs and other multimedia services.
  • Translation and production of technical documentation, including graphics.


Any. It doesn’t matter what format you send us, as we can handle inx, indd, PDF, translate your website and many other formats.
You will know the price in advance, accurate to the last word. Simply send us an inquiry, and we will tell you how much the translation will cost.
Exactly by the deadline that we will agree upon in advance.

In Skrivanek we have
more than 25 years of experience

This enables us to easily select the best specialist for your texts.

languages in various combinations
4 billion
words translated since 1994

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We give you the price of the translation in advance, accurate to the last word.