Medical translations

Skrivanek Medical presents a special section dedicated to specialised translations of medical and pharmaceutical fields that require superior care. Whether you specialise in paediatrics or surgery, your translation will always be handled by a specialist in that very field.

Our translations are used by doctors, medical staff, medical clinics and institutions, as well as researchers, medics, pharmacologists, scientists and manufacturers of medical technology.

Precise medical and healthcare translations

Translations of specialised texts and articles in medicine, healthcare and related fields require a precise approach, as they contain a plethora of medical terms.

Precision is the most important factor in medical translations. Any negligence can be “life-threatening”.

Translation of medical materials and documents

We guarantee you professional terminology according to medical specialisation in all language combinations. We are able to translate practically anything:

  • instructions for use of medicines and their packaging
  • instructions for use of medical instruments and medical equipment
  • medical report, medical documentation and other documents for health insurance companies
  • clinical studies, scientific articles and textbooks
  • brochures and leaflets for patients and doctors
  • press releases
  • e-learning modules

Medical disciplines

Rest assured that we will always find the right and most qualified expert for you in any medical field, such as:

  • pharmacology
  • paediatrics
  • internal medicine
  • surgery
  • traumatology
  • cardiology
  • neurology
  • gynaecology and obstetrics
  • urology
  • oncology
  • dentistry
  • veterinary medicine

As well as clinical medicine, dermatology, geriatrics, psychiatry, rehabilitation, anaesthesiology and resuscitation, infectology, haematology, microbiology, epidemiology, toxicology, pathology, genetics, medical studies and technology.

Healthcare interpreting

Do you have a patient in your care who does not speak Czech? Do you need to arrange treatment for them or translate medical records? We can do that!

We can arrange a medical interpreter for the needs of patients and doctors – online, over the phone or on site. Simply as and when you need it.

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We are experts in medical translations

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