Language School

We offer first-class language teaching for companies as well as the public. Reliability and quality are our priority. Group or individual online courses allow for flexible and effective learning with our experienced teachers. We are a reliable partner for your language needs.

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Individual classes

Individual lessons offer you the opportunity to learn the language at your own pace and according to your specific needs and requirements. Our experienced teacher focuses entirely on you – on your strengths, weaknesses and personal goals. Build your confidence and speak a foreign language without hesitation with a personal approach that takes you to the next level of communication.

Why learn languages with Skrivanek?


We adapt to your needs


Personal approach and open communication

Professional teaching team

pokrok, růst, zkušenosti

Extensive experience in teaching and complex projects for companies


We teach many languages, including less traditional ones


Wide portfolio of services

česká republika

We teach all over the Czech Republic

zákaznická péče

First-class customer service


Our own Effecto teaching method

lupa, detaily

Client-based learning management system

Course of cooperation

Before the start of the course

úvodní schůzka/initial meeting

initial meeting

Before we start with the lessons we will meet with you to clarify your needs and learning requirements.

cíl výuky/learning objective

learning objective

The objective will enable the whole course to be properly directed, facilitate follow-up monitoring of progress and is also a motivator, both for the student and the teacher.

jazykový audit/initial testing

initial testing

Before the start of the course we will carry out initial language testing. We will check the current language level of the students and, according to the results, we will propose the grouping of the participants.

výukový plán/teaching plan

teaching plan

A personal approach is our priority. Our teaching plans take into account the specific needs of the student or group. We regularly evaluate the plan and if necessary adjust it in agreement with you.

Commencement of lessons and their course

zahájení výuky/start of the lessons

start of the lessons

We will start the actual lessons at the time we have arranged with you. The selected teacher is acquainted with all requirements.

kvalita výuky a spokojenost s výukou

quality of teaching and satisfaction assessment

Quality control of courses is an integral part of our service. We ask about your satisfaction at the beginning and during the course.

monitoring výuky/regular monitoring

regular monitoring

You will find immediate access to course information after registering in the My Skřivánek online system. This offers you a number of important benefits. You can easily check your attendance, lesson plans and student list overview.

testování studentů


We continuously test your progress on the basis of covered materials. So you know what you have learned and how much you have progressed.

Our Effecto teaching method



All participants are actively involved in the course. Students spend a large part of the lesson conversing in the target language, so they have to react spontaneously to specific situations and start thinking in the foreign language very early on.


Thanks to the effectiveness of the applied teaching methods and the result-orientation, the Effecto® method brings guaranteed long-term improvement in the students’ language skills.


The relaxed, pleasant environment, positive motivation, realistic situations and alternation of dynamic activities with quieter phases of the lesson help participants to achieve better results.


We remember 20% of what we heard, 30% of what we saw, 50% of what we heard and saw, and 90% of what we did ourselves. This is why a significant part of the lessons includes language games, media and new technology.

personal approach

The student is at the centre of our lessons and therefore has the unique opportunity to participate in the selection of discussed topics and to adapt the lessons to their needs.


We are a reliable partner for language teaching

We create language courses tailored to your needs.