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We act ECO! That's why we participated in the non-profit Remobil project and got rid of ecologically old, unwanted mobile phones.

The Remobil project is intended for all types of entities, including natural persons, and operates throughout the Czech Republic. The main  Remobil objective is to help resolve the problem of old mobile phones accumulating in households and becoming an environmental problem in the future. The project offers the simplest possible way to dispose of unwanted phones.  A contribution of CZK 10 from each phone is at the same time donated to charitable purposes, and thanks to their recycling, valuable raw materials can be salvaged and reused. This results, for example, in significant water savings and a reduction in the production of the CO² equivalent, both of which are created or consumed in the extraction of raw materials required for the production of new mobile phones and other devices.

How did we contribute?

  • number of collected phones: 53
  • other accessories or electrical equipment: 1 kg
  • hours of work for disabled workers: 8
  • charitable contribution: CZK 530
  • reduction of CO2 equivalent emissions: 84 kg
  • drinking water savings: 1,584 l
  • reduction of kilometres: 512 km

We cooperate with the ZAP Cluborganisation

The ZAP Club is a non-profit self-supporting association of women with breast cancer. Its aim is to help women with cancer, to overcome complex pre- and post-operative periods, to provide them with as much information as possible about the disease and its treatment, to promote improvements in mental and physical condition, to increase self-confidence and to improve the quality of their life overall. In the prevention of breast cancer, it carries out instruction sessions of breast self-checking for the public.

Cooperation with ProCit

Every 80th child is born with autism, and the number of cases in children is increasing. ProCit’s goal is to make life easier for the families of autistic children, to provide them with a foundation with professional care and to re-integrate them into the majority society.

Skrivanek in blue 2020

Be different, be blue!

In the long term, every year we sponsor the Civic Association ProCit, z.s., which helps families with autistic children, and, for their support, organises a charity event - the family RUN for ProCit. Unfortunately, 2020 and the coronavirus crisis did not allow the fifth year of this run to be organised. On the occasion of World Autism Understanding Day, Skrivanek employees dressed in blue. Why blue? It symbolises the ability to communicate and understand, which are two skills with which people with autism need the greatest support and understanding from the public.

Here are some celebrities who dressed in blue.

RUN for ProCit 2019

RUN for ProCit went very well, and we consider the event to have been a great success. Around 400 runners took part and a total of about 500 people were present.

The proceeds from funds raised for ProCit amounted to around 80 thousand crowns, and we are very proud of the fact that this is the highest amount collected in the history of organizing the blue run. I hope that next year, when we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of ProCit, you will also participate in the run and support us.



Skrivanek in blue

The 2nd of April each year is World Autism Awareness Day.

In accordance with the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, this day serves mainly for emphasising the fact that it is necessary to improve the quality of life for people with autism, so that they can live meaningful lives with dignity.

People around the world are getting involved in awareness campaigns. Most of these events incorporate the colour blue. Why blue? Blue is the colour of communication and self-expression, which is one of the areas with which people with autism have the greatest difficulty.

As part of the Skrivanek in Blue” project, our entire company changes its colour to blue. Employees come to work in blue attire, and company e-mails are coloured in blue. With the blue colour, we are making clear whom we are supporting and helping in a difficult situation.

RUN for ProCit 2018

World Autism Day in 2018 fell on Easter Monday. Instead of dress codes and email boxes, we painted Easter eggs blue on that day in Skřivánek. We celebrated Happy and Blue Easter in the family circle.

On April 7, we participated in the 3rd year of the RUN for ProCit family charity run to support children with autism. You can also support the foundation run every year by purchasing the entry fee or small gifts on the day of the race. This year, the run was also livened up with blue powder paint on a selected section of the track. The running tracks are 2km and 5km in length. Awards were given to the top three runners from each run.

You don’t consider yourself a great athlete? Don’t worry, everyone will find something to enjoy there. This year, all fans of good coffee, beer and good food were more than happy. Thanks to everyone who, instead of sitting at home, joined us in the fight for a good cause. Proceeds from the event go to supporting families caring for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

RUN for ProCit 2017

On the 1st of April 2017, the 2nd annual charity family Run for ProCit was held to support children with autism.

Runners had the opportunity to contribute to the ProCit fund-raising account by purchasing a starting ticket or buying a small gift on the date of the race.

The event also included a rich accompanying programme. A jumping castle and face painting was prepared for children. Adventurous individuals had a special difficult running track prepared for them. Food and drink connoisseurs had the opportunity to try excellent coffee, French specialities, delicious vegetarian soup as well as beer and cider from a local brewery, prepared especially for runners.

The event was participated in by around 500 excited runners, and for ProCit they managed to raise a grand total of CZK 70,000