Types of courses

Public courses are not the only way to learn a foreign language. Select a course based on your own requirements and get started! We will prepare a custom-tailored effective education plan for you.

We are experienced in the implementation of comprehensive corporate language projects, as well as in the instruction of individual members of the public. Our language education package includes methodological preparation of large-scale educational projects and related ongoing auditing, including monitoring student attendance as well as testing, certification, and preparation for final examinations throughout the course of instruction, and language consulting.

Online lessons

Are you worried about online learning? With us, no need to worry! Our instructors are not only qualified, but also trained to work effectively on different platforms – during lessons you feel exactly as you would in a classroom. We provide all types of our courses online.

  • Availability: from anywhere at any time
  • Individual pace of instruction
  • With professional teachers of any world language

Phone lessons

Afraid of answering international calls or making a phone call in a foreign language?
Or are you looking for a supplement to a course to improve your conversation skills?
Then try our phone conversation language packages.

  • Low demand on time
  • Availability: from anywhere, anytime
  • Intensive conversation
  • General and business topics
  • Use of language in stressful situations in less ideal locations (white noise, busy street sounds, poor sound quality). But of course you want to tackle these challenges, right? 🙂

Public courses

We teach 17 languages in courses that comprehensively develop all language skills and emphasize the practical use of the language in different contexts and real situations. In our courses, we practise the subject matter, provide various activities to practise the new subject and use the latest teaching materials, applications and online support.

  • Joint communication and motivation of all participants
  • Financially affordable and adapted to your time schedule
  • Get rid of your fear of speaking
  • Less flexible with respect to time and place

Individual classes

The most effective and quickest form of instruction is one during which the teacher focuses only on you. We will adapt the contents of individual lessons to your needs and requirements based on a pre-defined, but flexible study plan.

Individual instruction is an ideal form of preparation for a business trip or presentation for a foreign client. We will also use this method to teach specialised language courses for sectors such as economics or medicine or courses for the FCECAE and other exams.

  • Individualised level and focus of the course
  • Choice of textbook and instructor
  • Quicker progress
  • Time flexibility
  • There is a lack of support from a collective of classmates


Haven’t got the time for individual or group classes? No worries, learn even when your time is limited. E-learning of foreign languages is available anywhere and anytime.

  • E-learning adjusts to you
  • You set the pace at which you want to learn
  • Save time and money
  • Availability: anywhere, anytime
  • Little or no support from the instructor


Workshop: One-day business English

Do you need to prepare for a presentation in English quickly? Do you work for an international company and want to learn how to communicate with your business partners correctly?

Choose our one-day business English course.

What are the course topics?

You can choose from:

  • Business Correspondence,
  • Management,
  • Business Meetings,
  • Presentations,
  • Sales and Purchasing,
  • Telephoning and Customer Care.
What will you gain with this course?
  • Tips and tricks for business communication
  • Intensive repetition and adoption of important words and phrases
  • An ideal start to a new job
What does the course look like?
  • During the course you will devote all your time to just one previously chosen topic
  • The course takes place in four blocks (4 x 90 minutes) over the course of one day
What do you need for the course?
  • English language skill level at least B1
  • In a group of at least four students

How to Present Effectively

Do you want to gain confidence when making a presentation in English? Do you want your presentations to be perfect? Then this course is the right one for you!

What will you learn in this course?

  • How to handle your presentation when it comes to communication, structure and visuals
  • How to express your views and present facts
  • How to handle presentation jitters
  • Consultations about your presentation style

What will you gain with this course?

  • A certificate of completion
  • A list of the most frequently used presentation phrases
  • A structure for a model presentation

What does the course look like?

  • Total course: 4x 60 minutes
  • 3x 60 minutes: workshop including both theory and practice
  • 60 minutes: model presentation and consultation

Courses for teachers

Language courses for foreign language teachers

Choose from the following list of accredited language courses for teachers at primary schools, secondary schools and eight- or six-year grammar schools.

Basic information
  • courses for primary, secondary and eight- or six-year grammar schools ,
  • English and German,
  • a maximum of 10 people per group,
  • B1, B2, C1 level courses,
  • a total of 80 classes of 45 minutes each or 60 classes of 45 minutes.
What do we focus on in our courses?
  • we expand and consolidate your language skills,
  • we practise all language categories (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation) and skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing),
  • we demonstrate the communicative teaching method in practice.

Can’t find the right language course?

We look forward to creating a tailor-made price offer for you. We respond immediately!