Corporate German courses

Language courses are a popular and frequently used benefit among employees. Corporate German lessons offered by Skrivanek can focus on general knowledge of the language or on a specific profession. They are suitable for beginners as well as advanced learners. We have a very intensive German course, a course with long-term progression and the popular German for Beginners or German for Complete Beginners courses. And if you already know some German but need to improve your skills, we also have the right solution for you.

What forms of German lessons for companies do we offer?

Individual German lessons

In corporate lessons it is always important to choose the right format for the German course, i.e., whether you want to have individual or group lessons.

Individual German lessons are a particularly ideal option in certain situations, for example, when several students with different levels of proficiency decide to take a German course, or when there is someone who is very busy and cannot adapt to the demands of the group.

If you are considering choosing an individual course, you will get undeniable advantages: The lessons will be tailored to the specific student, and will therefore be enjoyable and very effective for them, as the teacher is dedicated to them and can focus on the particular weaknesses revealed in the lessons. At the same time it will be easy to arrange for possible alternative lessons when a student goes on holiday or on a business trip.

Group German lessons

In corporate education German is often taught in groups. Skrivanek continuously trains its lecturers in this regard, so that these lecturers are able to conduct group lessons in a lively and effective manner.

Learning German in a reasonably small group has great advantages – for example, liveliness, the “natural learning” that comes from group communication, or the sharing of knowledge among students.

In a group German course there are also more opportunities to simulate real-life situations, to include student dialogues or polls and other activities. The friendly, relaxed atmosphere in the group also has a strong positive effect on the retention and reinforcement of the acquired knowledge – it results from the fact that the teacher’s attention is evenly distributed among all participants and does not focus on one student all the time.

Online German lessons

Various online meetings have long been part of everyday working life, and so our tutors are also equipped to teach German online. Anyone who has ever tried it knows that online German lessons are just as effective as those in a classroom or conference room.

Online lessons have undeniable advantages: There is no need to arrange a special space for group online learning. Furthermore, individual students can participate in the lesson even when they are away on business.

It is also possible to make very good use of electronic learning materials. This will be useful, for example, for a company that may not have suitable IT equipment in the classroom or conference room.

With Skrivanek’s online German lessons, students will experience the benefits of the online sphere: they can take full advantage of the various online quizzes and other activities offered by different German learning websites. They can be created for one “player” (in individual online German lessons) or for several participants (in group online German lessons).

Face-to-face German lessons

Face-to-face corporate German lessons have long been the gold standard. And yet this course format is still very popular. It’s only logical – it has many advantages.

The German lessons will take place at your company premises. The teacher comes to your company and therefore saves your company and employees precious time. The day and time of the German lessons are of course based on your needs and the teacher will adapt to your time requirements. Teaching outside working hours is not an obstacle.

In-person German lessons offer an unforgettable experience in the form of a personal meeting with the teacher. The supervisors of the studying employees also like this form of German lessons – they can be sure that the lessons are taking place, they can agree with the teacher on possible adjustments to the lesson plan and other minor changes, or they can sometimes monitor the progress of the studying employees.


Language levels

We offer German courses at all levels

German A1 –⁠ complete beginner

German A2 –⁠ beginner

German B1 –⁠ moderately advanced


German B2 –⁠ intermediate

German C1 –⁠ very advanced

German C2 –⁠ expert

We want to teach our employees German

Benefits of a company German course from Skrivanek


výuka ušitá na míru

Tailor-made lessons and an individual approach

Effective and targeted German teaching

Preparation for real-life situations

Quality and professional German teachers

zákaznická péče

First class customer service

česká republika

German lessons all over the Czech Republic

What will you and your employees gain from a German course?


Employees will be able to communicate better in German (in everyday and working life)

German lessons are one of the most popular company benefits for both the company and its employees. The company furthers the education of its employees – in addition to professional knowledge, the employee will also be proficient in German. German courses are a popular benefit for employees because they also use German outside of work.

Employees will be prepared for a business trip

Some companies send employees on business trips more often, some less often, but it is always good to keep in mind both the success of the business meeting and the representation of the company. An employee who naturally handles small talk with a business partner as well as on the road and in a hotel, and who is able to participate in negotiations with ease of speech, is often half the success for a company. Keep that in mind.

Break into international markets

Communication with investors or business partners from abroad frequently happens in German. Whether you are a large company operating in international markets or a small company that may enter international markets in the future, your employees need to be able to communicate in German.

Employees will be able to write emails in German

Business correspondence in German is now a standard of communication in the global world. So if your company wants to join the ranks of reputable companies, a professional level of written German among your employees is essential.

They will gain confidence and shyness will disappear

An employee who finds it easy to fluently communicate in German is always an asset to the company. They represent the company as someone who is happy to be working there: After all, they attained such a good level of German thanks to the corporate lessons in your company.

Business and general German

Whether you want to improve your everyday communication or, on the contrary, gain confidence when dealing in a business environment, we have the right solution for you. Our courses cover a wide range of needs so you can choose between general German for everyday conversation and professional German for business communication.

Complementary forms of German teaching

Phone German lessons

Phone lessons are ideal for those who are short on time, constantly on the move or in busy environments where it is difficult for them to concentrate fully for long periods of time. One phone “lesson” takes only ten minutes. However, because the lesson is perfectly prepared and because the lessons take place daily, your progress will be very real and long-lasting.

More about phone lessons

Do you need to improve the standard of German in your company?

Maybe you or your employees are proficient in German, and maybe you just want to get started. Our teachers will be happy to work with you.