Transcription of spoken word to text, conversion from audio and video recordings quickly, promptly and with the option of a final check.

Multilingual transcripts of audio and video recordings

Are you a law firm, corporation, government agency or press office and immediately need a transcript available after recording an event? You can count on us!

We provide multilingual transcriptions of audio and video recordings to text from many formats in any of more than 80 languages.

Our transcription services work quickly, plus we offer you the option of a final check of your text files prior to delivery.

Benefits of transcription with Skrivanek

  • multilingual transcription of audio recording
  • over 80 languages
  • data security guarantee
  • quick delivery times
  • quality assurance at every stage
  • professional transcribers with corresponding expertise
  • transcription of files with poor sound quality, various accents and other hindering issues

Professional services

We use modern transcription software to transcribe your audio recording, that produces searchable and editable outputs. The output will be taken over by our professional transcribers, who will correct and complete the text where necessary. You will be able to check the final rewritten text before your final approval.

Do you need a transcript from a specialised sector such as medical, legal, automotive, technical, IT, etc.? Only transcribers who specialise and have experience in the relevant area of expertise will work on audio recordings with specialist terminology.

Data security guaranteed

Your multilingual audio and video recordings are seamlessly transcribed by professional linguists specialising in one of over 80 languages. And your data remains secure throughout the entire process: from the very first upload of your file to its final quality check.

All our linguists are, of course, bound by a duty of confidentiality for all materials they work with. Only authorised professionals can work with your data and records.

In Skrivanek we have
more than 25 years of experience

This enables us to easily select the best specialist for your texts.

languages in various combinations
4 billion
words translated since 1994

Reliability, speed and quality of services

Do you need a transcription?

We will prepare a custom tailored price quote for you.