Software and website translation

Localisation and translation of software, websites, e-shops, apps and games from A to Z by Skřivánek – everything is professionally prepared and tested according to the customs of the target/foreign country.

Professional translations and localisation for the IT sector

From professionals in the field of translation and localisation services you get a perfectly tailored product for customers in a foreign language country. We will comprehensively prepare the product in the target language in terms of language, content and technical aspects!

You will elevate your business with quality ICT localisation.

We are able to localise and translate

  • software
  • websites and e-shops
  • video games
  • help, databases, system reports
  • applications and computer programs
  • audio and video
  • technical documentation
  • user guides, manuals

Localisation specialists

Not only translators, but also DTP and software specialists are involved in localisation at Skrivanek. Their knowledge and experience in the IT sector and thorough work guarantee a perfect result that takes into account and respects the specifics of the culture and country.

Working with data under the Information Security Management System (EN ISO/IEC 27001) ensures the security of all your sensitive data.

Creation process

Our software experts analyse the source application and extract the files to prepare them for translation. After implementing the translation itself, the program dialogues will be modified and finally checked for correct display and functionality.

The result will be a perfectly prepared tool in a foreign language for your next business!

We translate in 80+ language combinations

In Skrivanek we have
more than 25 years of experience

This enables us to easily select the best specialist for your texts.

languages in various combinations
4 billion
words translated since 1994

Reliability, speed and quality of services

We are specialists in translations for the IT sector

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