What is the price of a quality translation?

What is the price of a quality translation?

Everything has its price. The same goes for words. However, there is no exact answer to the question of how much one word is worth, and there never could be. After all, even a single “yes” can have immeasurable value in our lives. And what if we try to ask how much it costs to translate words from one language to another?  In this case, the answer will not be easy either. So how much does such a translation actually cost?

Translate, please!

A considerable number of factors influence the price of a translation. Translation agencies therefore have quite sophisticated price lists for translations and services that take many aspects into account. However, it is always a good idea to consult the agency for the final price of a particular order. Translating is a skilled professional activity that not only requires a proper expert, i.e., a translator, but also a comprehensive approach.

First of all, it all depends on the purpose of the translation. In addition, translations intended for publication undergo linguistic or semantic proofreading so that a second pair of qualified eyes can see them before they are used. If they are intended directly for print, they also entail pre-press proofreading, revising the text after graphic processing. In the case of a highly specialised text, the customer may prefer to use their own established terminology, in which case it is advisable to include the creation of a terminology dictionary within the order that the customer agrees to in advance.  The price for a translation may sometimes not only include the time spent by the translator on the translation itself, but also other services that are necessary for assuring its quality. Each order must be assessed on an individual basis.

How much work have you got for us?

However, the basic criterion for calculating the price is naturally the scope of the translation service, determined by the number of characters of the source text. The price per word is a convenient and fair way for the customer to pre-calculate the basic price of the translation. It is useful to know that one page in English is about 250 words, which is usually the minimum size of an order.  

Logically, the more text you have for translation, the more work will have to be done and paid for. However, long-term cooperation with our agency enables customer to get preferential rates based on a stable number of larger orders.

Not all languages are equal

The most frequently requested and translated languages are cheaper. You will pay the least for Czech, English, Slovak and German. At the other end of the price scale, you would find more uncommon, for us exotic even, oriental languages based on other character systems, such as Japanese, Chinese or Korean.

Challenging, certified and speedy

Translation agencies can deal with challenging and specialised translations even when tight deadlines are set. If you need your translation quickly, it can be ordered in the rush or express option – however, for expedited delivery within 48 or 24 hours, you will pay 40-80 % more than the standard rate for the language requested.

If you require a certified translation of an official document or deed, you will then need a sworn translation, for which you will pay approximately one third more than the basic price.

On the other hand, the price list of the Skřivánek translation agency does not include any extra charges for translations of thematically specialised or highly specialised texts. Our agency treats all translations as having equal importance.

We’ll be happy to translate it for you

A quality translation agency approaches each customer individually. Experienced colleagues can assess what type of translation is suitable for a given order, and will always tailor the ideal solution in terms of price, type and delivery time.  Quality translations are worth it!