Online English with Ashley

Does a presentation, phone call or interview in English await you? Are you nervous about it? You no longer have to be! We have prepared for you a set of 6 business English lessons. They will help you manage these situations well.

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Present in English


  • To impress listeners at the very beginning of your presentation
  • To navigate clearly through the structure of the main part of the presentation
  • To summarise the entire presentation effectively
  • To answer questions from the curious public
  • To describe graphs, tables and other visuals comprehensibly and clearly
  • To use the correct phrases to gain time

Succeed formally and informally


  • To begin a company meeting correctly
  • To moderate a company meeting effectively
  • To use phrases to elicit feedback from participants
  • To summarise the main points of the meeting comprehensibly and briefly
  • To call on participants to resolve shortcomings and to congratulate them on  successes
  • Conversation phrases for informal meetings

Succeed in a job interview


  • To describe your education and professional experience
  • To sell your strengths
  • To answer tricky questions appropriately
  • To verify the profile of a candidate
  • To offer a job
  • To agree on salary terms

Convince yourself and agree


  • To present and reject proposals
  • To ask questions and give explanations
  • To express agreement and disagreement
  • To make arguments
  • To negotiate the terms of an agreement
  • To enter into a transaction

Pick up the phone and talk


  • To answer a telephone call correctly
  • To transfer a client to a different department
  • To leave and relay a telephone message
  • To convey and verify information by telephone
  • To sound friendly and positive over the telephone
  • To solve problems with reception or noise

E-mail like a pro


  • Differences between formal and informal e-mails
  • How to begin an e-mail correctly
  • How to end an e-mail correctly
  • What types of phrases are used for arranging matters and asking questions via e-mail
  • How to structure an e-mail correctly
  • E-mail etiquette - what you should and should not write


English teacher
"The courses are easy to follow. They contain a lot of useful information and practical language. The students repeat what they already know and they build on the knowledge learning something new."