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A Loyalty Programme (hereinafter the LP) has been prepared for customers of Skřivánek s.r.o., registered office Na dolinách 153/22, 147 00 Prague, ID No.: 607 15 235 (hereinafter the “Operator”) As part of the LP, registered customers (hereinafter the “participants”) will gain points for the services ordered. These points may be exchanged for rewards under the stipulated terms and conditions. The LP membership is governed by the rules stated below.


1. Bonus Programme Membership

1.1. Any individual, customer of the Operator, 18 years and older may participate in the LP.

1.2. LP applications are filed electronically https://isweb.skrivanek.cz/cs/customer-loyality-registration.aspx?Lang=en-GB or by submitting a completed printed application form at any of the Operator’s branches. It is mandatory to state i.e. the applicant’s e-mail address in the application form for participation in the MAX bonus programme, regardless of the format of the application form.

1.3. After the application form has been completed and sent/submitted to the Operator, the Operator reserves 5 working days to process and verify the data stated in the application.

1.4. If the application form is incomplete or incorrect, the Operator reserves the right not to complete the registration.

1.5. The Operator shall inform the applicant if the application form is incomplete or the data is incorrect by sending him/her an email message to the e-mail address stated in the application form. If the errors in the application form cannot be removed, the Operator shall inform the applicant about the fact that s/he has not been registered by sending him/her an e-mail to the e-mail address stated in the application form.

1.6. Participation in the LP programme starts as of the date the application form is approved by the Operator, and it is also from this date that points start to be collected in the participant’s account.

1.7. The registration data, along with the confirmation of approval of the application form, shall be e-mailed by the Operator to the e-mail address stated by the applicant in the application form. Any other information regarding the LP shall be sent by the Operator to the participant in the same way.

1.8. The Operator shall create and administer only one participant’s account per participant; no other accounts can be created unless the original account is cancelled

2. Registration of points

2.1. Once the participant is successfully registered, points are automatically collected in the participant’s account for all language services offered by Skřivánek s.r.o. and ordered by the given registered participant.

2.2. Points are added to the participant’s account based on the orders placed by the participant directly or placed by the participant on behalf of a third party, provided the participant is authorised to do so.

2.3. Provided that all the necessary terms and conditions are met, points will be added to the participant’s account as of the date the full payment for the services ordered by the participant reaches the Operator’s account.

2.4. If the payment for an ordered service is not credited to the Operator’s account on time and by the due date as stated in the invoice issued by the Operator for the services ordered, the operator is entitled not to charge the participant points for the late paid services.

2.5. Points will be transferred only to the accounts of participants duly registered in the Loyalty Programme.

2.6. If all the conditions specified in these rules are met, 1 point shall be credited to the participant’s account for every CZK 50, excluding VAT, from the payments credited for the participant’s orders. The more the participant orders, the higher the point ratio. You can see an exact breakdown in the following table:

Points – Voucher

  • for 1,000 points – you receive a voucher worth CZK 200
  • for 2,000 points – you receive a voucher worth CZK 500
  • for 3,500 points – you receive a voucher worth CZK 1,000
  • for 7,000 points – you receive a voucher worth CZK 2,500
  • for 12,000 points – you receive a voucher worth CZK 5,000

2.7. It is not possible to add up points from several participants’ accounts even if these accounts are held by one company and/or one participant.

3. Information on points

3.1. The balance of your points account can be checked on your on-line account here. In order to establish the balance of your points account, you can e-mail mojekonto@skrivanek.cz, or call the relevant Skřivánek s.r.o. cooperating branch (please state the registration data of the participant at all times).

4. Claiming rewards

4.1. Points gained are exchanged for MALL.CZ goods vouchers; goods can be purchased at www.mall.cz.

4.2. A request for claiming rewards can be sent electronically, using inquiries from your account, to mojekonto@skrivanek.cz, or placed over the phone, or filed in person at the relevant branch participating in the programme.

4.3. The participant is entitled to collect rewards up to the current balance of his/her account.

4.4. Rewards gained in the LP programme can be received by post, email, if requested by the participant, or collected in person.

4.5. If they are collected in person, the participant is obliged to sign a record of acceptance as proof of accepting the reward.

4.6. By accepting the reward, the balance of the participant’s points account is automatically decreased by the relevant number of points.

5. Validity of points

5.1. The points in the participant’s account are valid for 48 months from the date they are added to the account.

5.2. After this time expires, the unused points are automatically written off the participant’s account without any possible compensation.

6. Complaints

6.1. Complaints regarding the LP are dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the managers of relevant participating branches.

7. Other provisions

7.1. In the event of violation of the rules or abuse of the LP, the Operator is entitled to exclude the participant from the LP programme without any compensation.

7.2. The LP rules may be altered and amended by the Operator unilaterally. The Operator is obliged to inform the participants registered in the LP about such changes and amendments and about the dates such changes and amendments become effective, well in advance. The Operator reserves the right to terminate the LP; in this case the Operator shall enable the collection of gained points within a time limit stipulated in advance and under previously determined terms and conditions. At the same time, the Operator shall ensure that the changes and amendments to the LP rules, and the dates such changes and amendments become effective will be made available using various information means.

7.3. By enrolling in the LP programme, the participant confirms that he/she has read the rules regarding the processing of personal data at Skřivánek, s.r.o. which are available at our website. This information system can be operated by the Operator solely to meet its needs for an indefinite period of time in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive No. 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

7.4. Once the e-mail address is erased at the Participant’s request, the points on his/her account that have not been used so far are written off his/her account automatically and without compensation as at the date when the request for erasure is granted.

The LP rules become effective on 25 May 2018.