How many languages do we translate and interpret into

How many languages do we translate and interpret into

In the Skřivánek translation agency, customers can choose from more than 80 world languages in many different translation combinations. Thus, not only the whole of Europe, but also a significant part of all other continents is covered in terms of language.

Although the core of translation activities is translation from a foreign language into Czech and vice versa, translations between foreign languages (e.g. English-French, German-Italian, Slovak-Polish, etc.) are also an integral part of the agency’s offering.

Our translators can also handle less traditional languages, including those that use different scripts or different character sets (Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, etc.).

A translation agency – as opposed to freelance translators – can also offer customers the translation of one text into several languages at the same time, which customers appreciate, for example, when translating language versions of user manuals or technology guides.

Who will do the translating?

We engage primarily university-educated linguists and translators who are native speakers of the source and target languages. We cooperate with most of them on a long-term basis, which guarantees a high quality of work.

We are also well aware that it is a great advantage to translate into the native language, so we work with native speakers of each language who are also good translators.

Of course, the text can be proofread by a native speaker. Customers receive readable text in high language quality.

Translation prices are always based on the number of words of the text to be translated. The price the customer pays is therefore clear, given and final in advance.

Translation specialities

In addition to a diverse range of languages, our translation agency also offers nearly a hundred different industry-specific language specialisations: from finance, law and the humanities, through medical and natural sciences, to chemical technologies and the automotive industry.

For such demanding translations, we work with linguistically well-equipped experts in their respective fields, who are not only well versed in what they are translating, but also actively speak both languages at a high level.

Do we also offer interpreting services?

An important part of the translation agency’s work is also professional interpreting in all formats. Our experienced interpreters are able to interpret international conferences, congresses or live broadcasts simultaneously, as well as consecutively interpret business meetings, lectures or press conferences.  As with translations, customers can choose from a wide portfolio of dozens of languages for interpreting.

For the needs of interpreting official meetings in a foreign language (at the authorities, in court, at the police) we offer the services of certified interpreters registered in the Czech database of court interpreters.

The services of experts and interpreters can also be used during business trips and meetings. If necessary, however, it is also possible to arrange remote interpreting, i.e. on-line or by telephone, which has the advantage of lower costs and price, as it eliminates, for example, the costs of transport or accommodation for the interpreter.