5 reasons to invest in translation services from an agency

5 reasons to invest in translation services from an agency

What do you do if you need to translate a text into another language? Correct. You will contact a translator. But do you know where to find a quality translation professional? Correct. The ideal choice is to approach a translation agency. While there is also the option of using freelance translators, such a solution may not always be the best choice. So why turn to a professional translation agency?

Reason one: quality

Translating is like any other service: quality matters. A rejected translation can damage the reputation of both the translator and the person who further handles it. Translating is a powerful tool to support and promote your product or services. Professionally translated websites, natural-sounding advertising slogans in a foreign language and terminologically precise wording of professional materials can significantly contribute to your company’s business success on foreign markets, for example.

A trustworthy translating agency therefore works with a wide range of experienced translators who are carefully selected, whose work and resulting translations are continuously monitored and reviewed, including top-quality proofreading of the final text.

Reason two: quantity

The obvious competitive advantage of a translation agency over freelance translators is the ability to provide a larger quantity of quality translations in a short time. It can easily cope with large-scale orders while maintaining the high quality of the translated texts.

Of course, there is a rich language offer, which by no means only covers a few traditional, mass spread world languages (English, German, French), but the customer can choose from dozens of less commonly translated languages (e.g. Japanese, Moldavian, Turkish or Arabic).

Quality agencies can also offer specific language combinations and translations between foreign languages. Just like translating a text into multiple languages simultaneously, which will be appreciated by those who need to localise a website or user manuals into several language environments at once.

Reason three: speed

Another important aspect that strengthens the trust between the customer and the translation agency is the assurance that the translations will be delivered on time, without either party having to compromise on quality.

Rush or express delivery of translations within 48 or even 24 hours is possible thanks to a sophisticated system of internal communication, where the agency’s translators can concentrate on what is most important, i.e., the translation, and not have to deal with individual customer requests, as is often the case with freelance translators.

Translation agencies also enable their translators to use advanced digital language tools that make translation work easier, more accurate and significantly faster.

Reason 4: extent of translation

The breadth of services offered by the agency covers both translations of common texts (corporate communications, professional publications, specialised industry materials, etc.) and translations of entire websites or localisation of software and mobile apps.

The agency also offers highly specialised translation activities such as certified translations, also known as sworn translations, of official documents into other languages, which can only be executed by certified state-appointed translators.

Reason five: service

A well-functioning translation agency will deal with each of your orders individually and offer you a tailored translation option based on its nature. At Skřivánek, the customer has a specific person at their disposal at all times, whom they can contact at any time with any questions or additions to the order.

Our translation agency cares about good translations and satisfied customers. And one simply cannot do without the other!