Ideal gift? Language courses and education!

Ideal gift? Language courses and education!

“People who have the right motives give the right gifts,” says popular American writer Robert Fulghum, and he’s right. A gift does not have to be only tangible and movable items. What is important is that they bring joy. But have you ever thought of giving your loved ones something that will change their lives? Like a foreign language. Not possible? But what if it is? We will show you how to do it.

Give the gift of language

Learning foreign languages is definitely not just an item in the school timetable. Foreign languages are the key to exploring the world, expanding communication opportunities and making it easier to navigate the media world.

Medical research even confirms that they have a beneficial effect on the human brain – language learning strengthens memory, improves the ability to concentrate and make quick decisions, thus contributing to the fight against the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

It is never too late to start learning languages, you can embark on the journey at any age. And every additional language we start to learn develops and complements our skills.

Language surprise

There are several ways to give someone an original language gift. If the given person already mastered a foreign language, you can of course go for a book in a foreign language or give them a practical companion in the form of a language dictionary. However, it may be more imaginative to send them on their own journey to master the language.

Choosing a language course as a gift may seem surprising at first, but you can easily hit the bull’s-eye. Many people tend to put off enrolling in language courses and are always looking for reasons to manage without them. So the gift of a course can often give them the boost they need. Learning foreign languages is – healthily addictive!

Languages of all kinds

What language and what type of course to choose? Naturally, this depends on the current language level and skills of the person. We can nudge someone with our gift to improve their English or French, or to brush up and refresh it in conversation classes with a native speaker.

But what about guiding one of your friends towards a completely new language experience? If someone constantly raves about Japanese cuisine, why not at least introduce them to the basics of Japanese? And wouldn’t it bring someone else joy to finally learn Croatian, since they love going to the Adriatic sea in summer? Try it and see!

A meaningful gift for employees

Benefits in the form of language courses or certificates, however, are also excellent as an imaginative and useful gift at work, as they creatively combine the joy of personal development with the practical necessity of corporate training.

Would you like to have the language gift-wrapped?

Language schools offer a wide range of courses and exams. You can choose between in-person and online lessons, there are many levels to choose from according to your proficiency, and differences can also be found in the length of the courses and their intensity. Some people prefer an individual approach, others prefer to learn in a group with others.

To avoid any possible disappointments, a gift voucher is the ideal choice, allowing the recipient to arrange the details and start speaking the language when and how they want to.

The art of gift-giving is as old as humankind itself. So try doing it a little differently sometime. After all, a meaningful gift is priceless.